Monday, March 27, 2017

Sentence Present

1. I delivered a present to Zhijie's house.
2. I was going to deliver a present to Zhijie's house, but he was not there.
3. Zhijie was not at home; therefore, I decided to call him and tell him about the present.
4. Ting gives everyone in the class a present because today is everyone's birthday.
5. I am going to buy a present to William who always dance during the class.
6. Before I leave the classroom, James told me that he is going buy a present for his girlfriend.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

When I saw this picture, the first thought come to my mind is that China. Also, it is really familiar for me because we have this kind of house in China. It made me feel like I am in China. I think this place is either China or Hong Kong. In China, people usually hang their cloths out of their house that airing their cloths because dryer is not really popular. Cloths in China are like hanging everywhere. Also, this picture remind me that when I was in high school in China. I lived in dorm, and we have eight people in one dorm. We had hall way like this picture, and we usually hang our cloths out like that. When I was walking on the hallway, water always drop on my head because the cloths were not dry yet. However, I cannot see this kind of view in America. People usually use dryer, and they do not need to hang their cloths out for airing. I think this build has about hundreds of apartments because there are a lot of door and cloths hanging out. I think this is one part of this building.